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As its title suggests, Werkstatt, the online journal of German and comparative literary and cultural studies, is open to all high-quality contributions to literary and cultural studies – a field characterised by plurality, openness, interdisciplinarity, as well as by unexploited intradisciplinary possibilities. We invite papers focusing on theory or historical aspects on all fields of literature and culture related to the German-speaking countries.

Our primary goal is to be a workshop (“Werkstatt”), that is, to provide a fast and respectable forum of publication to students and lecturers of graduate schools for literary and cultural studies.

So as to maintain professional standards and academic quality, all papers (including book-reviews) intended for publication will be peer-reviewed. We only accept reviews of books recommended by the editorial board.

Acceptable languages of publication are German, English and Hungarian.



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The peer-review process


All submitted articles and book reviews are to be evaluated by the editorial board. If necessary, external assessors will be invited to peer review the manuscripts. The review process should follow the following steps:

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