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   Technical Guide




Technical Guide (Guidelines for contributors)


Formal requirements

Manuscripts should be provided in MS Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format. Please also indicate your name, the academic institution you belong to, your address (and email-address), the full title of the article, English keywords. All articles should be prefaced by an English abstract (maximum 150 words).

Text processing

Please submit your file unformatted (do not use tabs, manual hyphenation, page numbering, automatic pagination). The document should use Footlight MT Light font in 11,5 pt with a 12 pt line spacing. Page setup (document margins): left and right: 4,2 cm, top and bottom: 5,25 cm.


Contributions submitted in German should use the new German orthography. Whenever you quote texts written according to the old spelling rules, please do not change the orthography.

Typographic design

Quotations and accentuations

Abbreviations and blanks

We call our authors’ attention to the appropriate use of the full stop after all abbreviations (d.h., bzw.). In case of abbreviations consisting of more elements divided by a full stop, do not use blanks within the abbreviation (i.e. d.h. and not d. h.). Do not use blanks or spaces between page numbers and f. or ff.


For footnotes and source references please use the following short forms:


Contributors are requested to provide the author’s (or the editor’s) full name, accurate title and sub-title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication and page. Please use the following guidelines:

Fischer-Lichte, E.: Semiotik des Theaters. Tübingen: Narr, 1983, S. 123.

Katschthaler, K.: Engführung. Die ästhetischen Stimmen von Adorno und Deleuze/Guattari. In: Kovács, K. (Hrsg.): Ideologie der Form. Frankfurt a. M.:  Lang, 2006, S. 149-167.

 Naumann, M.: Flaubert, „Madame Bovary” und der Realismus. Sinn und Form 4 (1969), S. 988.

Adamo, Mark: „Desperate Housewife” vom 15.11.2008: http://www.markadamo.com/journal/, letzter Zugriff am 29.6.2009.

Native language editing

Authors who are not writing in their native language should have their text corrected by a native speaker before submission.